Pier J incomplete in the 1960s

The Port of Long Beach website is a great place to start for classroom projects and lesson plans. Tap into our facts, figures and information for projects on business and international trade; math, science and engineering; history; clean air and other green Port programs; and other topics.

Here are some examples:

Air quality: Real-time and long-range data on air quality in the San Pedro Bay area. This information supports the “Percentages” lesson available in the Port’s High School Math Teacher’s Guide – see our Lesson Plans page for details.

Statistics: Cargo volumes, financial reports, and more.

History: Learn how the Port grew to be the nation’s second busiest trade hub. More than 100 years of history, plus historical publications and photos.

Engineering: Follow two of the Port’s numerous construction projects:

Port Publications:

  • Tie Lines – a monthly industry e-newsletter
  • Re:Port – a quarterly community newsletter

Other maritime publications:

 Other resources:

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